10 artists to keep an eye on at Milano Lambrate 2017

The neighborhood of Lambrate in Milan is growing and increasingly becoming a hotbed of ideas and creativity. Once again this year the area centered around via Ventura will provide a platform for young designers from all over the world.

Among those not to be missed is Creativechef, a group of artists founded by Jasper Udink Cate: for Design Week they'll present a family of tables conceived for restaurants and bistros. Then there's Handmadeindustrials and the vases of collection "The Impose". While for Martijn Rigters & Fabio Hendry it's time to experiment with an innovative printing technology that uses human hair and animal fur to create sustainable and durable ink. Then there's NynkeKoster with "Fragments of time": using rubber-casting techniques to create casts of architectural elements that are rich in detail.

For 24 Degree Studio the project is called "Moku+ (Moku Plus)": it's a piece of furniture perceived as the interface and spatial context for normal everyday activities. Interactive, it follows the users who choose to use it.

While with her series "Liquid" Alissa Volchkova poetically explores industrial production processes, revealing their uniqueness and developing the potential of different materials such as ceramics and glass, highlighting their (beautiful) imperfections.

Anna Gudmundsdottir presents "Beyond Local", a family of objects for everyday use made in collaboration with manufacturers in southern Sweden, joining local competences and Nordic eco-sustainability.

Fraai Werk & Noepster sign a project called "Liquid Matters" that explores the modifications liquids experience under the influence of gravity. Then there's Pao Hui Kao: "Strength of paper" focuses on how folds of paper can create different models and styles. And finally, Amanda Lilholt presents a series of modern furniture pieces in "The Acetone Collection", inspired by a special metal-treating process.

Amanda Iilholt
Anna Gudmundsdottir
24 Degree Studio
Alissa Volchkova
Fraai Werk & Noepster
Martijn Rigters & Fabio Hendry
Pao Hui Kao


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