60 series: balancing form and function

The “60 series”, by Georgian firm XYZ Integrated Architecture, is a collection of tables and chairs that defies gravity: each piece is indeed inclined at a 60° angle, giving the impression it is just about to fall.

Yet what really makes the handmade chairs, desks and coffee tables stand out are clean lines and simple geometries, paired with traditional techniques used to sand the wood and solder the metal. “60 series” challenges observers and their perceptions: is the furniture about to collapse or not? The colors – red and turquoise – amplify the feeling that balance is only temporary, and create a fascinating, alienating effect. Finally, the mesmerizing impression becomes an irresistible invitation to try the tables and chairs first hand, play with them, and find out what it’s like to lose our balance without ever falling.

© XYZ integrated architecture


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