A vintage and industrial mix at Sottobanco

In Rome’s Tuscolano district, Sottobanco is the right place to go to enjoy masterfully made cocktails. It is ideal for a gourmet dinner or a drink with friends, picking any of the suggestions on barman Francesco De Nicola’s menu – although we highly recommend his signature El Solista, a twist on daiquiri.

The venue pays homage to industrial style with metal and wood tables and chairs, and a long black and brown counter. The floors are part hardwood and part beautiful tiles, of the white and blue kind that are so fashionably vintage right now. You’ll find the same retro mood in the white and green striped wallpaper, contrasting with reclaimed gilded frames hung on the walls. Warm lighting contributes to a welcoming atmosphere, where tasting chef Antonio Emilio Sorrentino’s creations will be a delight; don’t miss the sous-vide octopus on seafood salad sauce and Campari reduction, or the pasta Carbonara simmered with peated scotch whiskey.

© Sottobanco


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