Unstable and asymmetrical, impure and composite. Like faces with unique features, every cage crafted by Alice Walton has its own personality which is the opposite of “typical”, scale designs, and mass production. Here are the secrets of this very young designer who has already had the honour of displaying her “Uncaged” collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum.A new graduate from the University of Brighton, Alice attended a course in 3D Materials Practice, which afforded her the opportunity to specialise in the processing of ceramics, combining different materials.
In addition to studying, Alice Watson was able to hone her skills during a summer residence with an Italian family-run business producing classic tableware.For her final project, Alice drew her inspiration from a few antique hunting books depicting and describing certain techniques for catching animals.Without reproducing them, the young student applied her concepts of weakness and vulnerability of animals to her ceramics, constantly bent by the high temperatures of the kilns. She has developed her own style, a sort of collage of ceramics, precious metals and antique repair techniques. To get to know her better, visit her workshop in the centre of Brighton which she shares with other former students from her university course.

Photos via alicewaltonceramics.co.uk