Alterfact Studio: the charm of imperfection

“One of a Kind” is a series of vases by Alterfact Studio. Made in clay with a DIY 3D printer, each piece is proof of the creative potential that lies in the use of industrial manufacturing systems – yielding huge numbers – paired with the small flaws that make craftsmanship unique.

The designers behind the project, Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau, graduated from Eindhoven’s Design Academy in 2014, and decided to work together to analyze issues in design and design production. The “One of a Kind” series has allowed the duo to bring 3D printing into the field of handmade. How? Using clay, making it perfect thanks to an engineered processes, but then also making it “human” by enhancing it with imperfections – so special that they end up becoming the true essence of these objects.

© Alterfact Studio


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