An oriental “cut” for Kirigram’s style

“Splice” is the latest creation in Kirigram’s histrionic collections: a table made from a single sheet of steel, laser-cut and allowed to “explode” into curves and intersections. The new project is in step with the brand’s philosophy, inspired by the oriental art of kirigami it is named after, in which paper is used to create 3D shapes, always maintaining clean lines and never eliminating any part of the material.

The London-based firm was founded in 2011 by Constanze Schweda and Henry Rusted – partners in life as well as at work. The two mix sculpture and design and often collaborate with architects to create the most cohesive spaces possible. Kirigram collections also include mirrors and console tables, as well as projects that start from 2D shapes and are able to add structural 3D elements that merge industrial production with craftsmanship excellence.

© Kirigram


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