Andrea Crews’s urban attitude

Unisex, oversize, vibrant, bold: Andrea Crews is the French label for him and for her that has made unconventional style its brand. Founder Maroussia Rebecq recently started Le Coeur: a meeting point for creative types, a concept shop, a gallery and much more... a space as eclectic as the fashion label she’s directed for over ten years.

One of Andrea Crews’s strengths is creative reuse: pieces are cut, disassembled and re-sewn to create something fresh and completely original. For the upcoming Fall/Winter season, the brand is bringing together sportswear and street/urban style. Fur, denim and cotton jersey turn olive green, mustard, blue and camouflage print; silhouettes rely on the power of volume, while the label’s metropolitan attitude lends great energy to every outfit. 

© Andrea Crews


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