Anna Gudmundsdottir style for daily life

Anna Gudmundsdottir is a promising designer hailing from Malmö, Sweden with a degree from Lund University’s School of Industrial Design, and an innate preference for the essential, functional elegance that has made Swedish style a success. In her “Beyond Local” collection, she decided to reverse the classic creative process and reinvent it.

Before designing anything, Gudmundsdottir first contacted seven manufacturing companies to understand what their specializations were, and then created objects starting from there. Instead of bringing her sketches to suppliers and asking for prototypes, defining shapes for which no mold existed yet, she considered previous processes and materials and opted for standard-diameter silhouettes. This not only reduced production costs, but resulted in a collection of linear and clean home decor items that are hyper-functional and yet different from mass products already on the market. As Gudmundsdottir explains, “Designers have often studied this type of objects, but my collection takes into consideration both functionality and decorative value; unlike similar products on the market, it has a strong personality and backstory”.

© Anna Gudmundsdottir


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