Anne Ten Donkelaar: Underwater Ballet

Still life had been a minor artistic genre compared to historical, mythological and religious paintings –until Caravaggio raised the bar in the 17th century, starting an evolution that goes on to this day. Now flowers are not only painted, but also photographed and digitally post-produced with a variety of techniques. Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar, however, was able to give an entirely new interpretation of still life and take it to new, poetic levels.

Ten Donkelaar was always charmed by nature. In her “Underwater Ballet” series, she creates oneiric compositions with delicate, elegant flowers, anchored with small metal jewels. The outcome is a silent dance immersed in the abyss, a spiritual choreography that feeds the soul with beauty, and gives the most temporary of things – a delicate flower – a moment of immortality.

© Anne ten Donkelaar


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