Armazém Luxury Housing: an “experience workshop” at the heart of Portugal

The website of the Armazém Luxury Housing in Porto states, “We were inspired by a dream” – a dream that allowed the owners’ to overcome the challenge of turning an old, 19th-century ironworking workshop into an elegant luxury residence/hotel.

The building was completely renovated and redesigned, while still respecting the key elements of industrial architecture that give the interiors personality – such as the iron staircase once used to transport materials. The three apartments and nine bedrooms in the complex were designed – each one to be unique – by Portuguese studio Pedra Lìquida. The furniture was selected to highlight the contrast between the original structure and its new life as a hotel. Reinforced concrete and iron create elegant and contemporary spaces with velvet, carpets and light-tone wood. A hotel that echoes the near past, and a real “experience workshop” – as its creators have described it – welcoming guests and enveloping them in an original atmosphere.

© Armazém Luxury Housing


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