Between past and future: the Poli House

For years the Polishuk House – a historical building on Magen David Square in Tel Aviv – was abandoned with no plans for future use. Then a group of local investors decided to entrust Nitza Szmuk Architects with its renovation and transformed the structure into an avant-garde boutique hotel, with interior decor and an amazing rooftop pool by Karim Rashid.

The award-winning designer was inspired by Tel Aviv’s kaleidoscopic palette to bring a masterful blend of pink, yellow, blue and green into the furnishings. The overall look is modern but does not cancel out the essence of the 1930 building: its Bauhaus heritage still exudes from the essential and functional lines, enriched by Rashid’s eclectic and futurist touch, able to bring the historical structure into the future.
Today, the Poli House is part of the successful Brown Hotels chain.

© Poli House


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