Brussels’ “Hidden Garden”

In downtown Brussels, the capital of Belgium, Jardin Secret is a discreet and elegant accommodation for travelers who enjoy chic comfort, not excessive, in-your-face luxury. Based on a botanical theme, the hotel is in the back of a plant shop. It has a restaurant and a bar – and of course a “hidden garden” you can access from the back, away from prying eyes.

Here, far from the stresses of the city, you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the concept of time does not exist, and is replaced by relaxation.
Jardin Secret is located near the Royal Palace and Grand Place, and was decorated with minimalist style and a preference for natural hues, such as wood tones and natural rope color. Bedrooms have large windows that look out to the garden and industrial-chic details, such as the staircase’s steel banister and the streamlined tables. White extends from walls to bathroom decor, creating a light and airy environment. A “secret” destination at the heart of Brussels.

© Jardin Secret


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