Casa Bonay: a room in the middle of history

It's located in Eixample Dret in Barcelona, one of the most representative neighborhoods of the city, and it's characterized by an old structure first erected in 1869 with the role of hosting the adventurous lives of the Bonay family, composed of consuls, bibliophilists and archeologists. Almost 150 years later, the building finally opens its doors and welcomes tourists from all over the world to spaces that still preserve many original architectural elements, such as neoclassical facades for the exteriors and mosaic floors and high ceilings for the interiors.

But if the rooms hark back to the past, the same cannot be said for the spaces dedicated to food & drink, where a more contemporary style of interior decoration is on display. Restaurant “Elephant, Crocodile, Monkey” offers dishes that pay homage to farmer traditions, conceived by chef Estanislao Carenzo. "Libertine" is a cocktail bar with a high quality tea room. At "Satan's Coffee Corner" you can savor the best coffee around thanks to the mastery of Marcos, one of the most renowned baristas of the city.

© Hotel Casa Bonay


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