Changeable structures by Robert Van Embricqs

Inspired by nature and its complex, amusing shapes, Robert Van Embricqs’s “Rising Collection” is a series of objects that start from a flat 2D surface but transform into chairs, tables and lamps, “brought to life” in 3D thanks to hinges installed on strips of wood.

Van Embricqs explores objects’ ability to change nature by the very essence at their core. Thus an item that was designed in two dimensions – equipped with a device that can transform it, as in the “Rising Collection” – becomes something completely different. The series is a wonderful work of miniature engineering, in which bamboo strips create a fascinating decorative pattern even when the object is in its primordial 2D state. It makes for a real visual show, with a great presence in space and the type of personality that can only stem from a smart design with great care for interaction between form and function.

© Robert Van Embricqs


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