Christopher Kane: creativity that nourishes the soul

The inspiration at the heart of the Scottish designer's Pre-Fall/Winter collection is a collage of personalities that reveal a unique story. The designer in fact collaborated with Art Brut Center Gugging, an Austrian psychiatric institute sadly famous at the time of the Nazi regime, but where today the guests of the structure go through art therapy. Kane was struck by one patient' works in particular: Johann Hauser, who painted a woman in a yellow dress that looked incredibly similar to one in his 2011 collection.

The fashion designer thus gives rise to a a line of garments that mixes apparently jarring elements, yet somehow creates a perfect melting pot of styles, so that the final result is anything but reminiscent of the darkness and anguish that are often associated to mental illness. Glitter flower prints appear next to ostrich feathers and bold cartoonish patterns. Kane has put together an original collection that can be worn all day long, proving that when the mind is free to roam and unleash its creativity it can obtain stunning results. 

© Christopher Kane


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