Coco Fernandez: charm at the essence

Born in 1989, Coco Fernandez is a young Spanish artist who has made simplicity her trademark. A fashion design graduate of the School of Art and Fashion in Valencia, Spain, she creates hand-decorated ceramics and collaborates on projects as art director and in still life composition.

She was struck with the passion for minimalist style in visual arts while looking at some of Picasso’s drawings. Since then, Coco began experimenting with a linear, simple technique that is nevertheless truly expressive. The real key in her work – inspired by Fauvism, Henri Matisse and André Derain – is color. Fernandez has said she was obsessed with artistic perfection for a long time, but that once she discovered the new style at the basis of her “Pure Lines” series she was able to experiment with freedom and joy. This inner journey helped her grow as an artist and express herself also in other fields, like fashion and photography. Today, the ceramics Fernandez brings to life represent her inner world and are inspired – as she explains – by “transcendental experiences and important encounters in her life”.

© Cóco Fernandez


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