Dana Jasinkevica’s conceptual structures

Dana Jasinkevica is a Latvian fashion designer and illustrator. She has studied in Milan at the Brera Fine Arts Academy, at London’s famous Saint Martins School and finally at the Art Academy of Latvia. Today, she lives in Sweden and is completing her education at the Swedish School of Textiles.

This cultural background has led Jasinkevica to explore and understand the bond between “interactions” and “interconnections” between things. Things born one way indeed constantly change shape and turn into “something else”. This is the concept at the core of her COMPLETE collection, which revolves around abstract shapes and experimental and symbolic structures, longing for the unknown. Nature is weaved into knits and changes identity and the palette plays on two hues: pink and gray. The former is the color of femininity, softness, sensitivity; the latter represents obscurity and masculinity. Together, they complement one another and become COMPLETE, summing up two souls into a unique and very personal identity.

© Dana Jasinkevica


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