Daniel Muñoz: the metaphor of travel

Until February 25th, the Varsi Gallery in Rome will be holding “Vexillum Transparent”, an exhibition of Daniel Muñoz’s work. The Spanish artist explores the concept of travel and tourism, presenting pieces that focus on the motives that push men to overcome physical and inner limitations to move to new places.

Muñoz began his own journey in visual arts in the 1990s, studying fine arts in Madrid and focusing his creative research on participatory projects, installations and public art. In his Roman solo show, he uses screen printed pieces, paintings and one site-specific installation to explore the mass movement of people, asking questions such as “Is tourism a form of invasion or is it a step forward? What are the consequences of touristic experiences in the world? Do places that can create meaning still exist? And which ones can we activate when we meet others and ‘other’ places?”. It all contributes to the current debate about the crisis of cultural identity: the artist’s answer is in the title of the exhibition, which references the flag or banner that represents a people, but has now become somewhat “transparent” and invisible.

© Daniel Muñoz; © Galleria Varsi


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