David Delruelle: between imagination and reality

David Delruelle draws inspiration from daily life and memories, blended with reflections on human nature and caducity. Born in 1988, the Belgian artist is well known for his collages, which are not only beautiful and perfectly composed, but also convey a strong and powerful message that goes beyond pure visual appearance.

Delruelle creates patchworks with images he produces or finds by chance, juxtaposing colors and styles, straddling modern and vintage, seeking the answer to universal questions. One of his latest works, “Plain Your Escape” has retro figures escaping between geometric blocks of color, along straight lines, as they try to get over pastel-color walls. Delruelle’s visual stories dive deep in the human soul, connecting to personal anecdotes and current news, voicing inner torments and dormant feelings.

© David Delruelle


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