David Derksen: playing with nature

Designer David Derksen’s work derives from a deep reflection on nature and the processes it sparks. It is based on constant experimentation on materials and the techniques that allow us to use them. Creating an object, for Derksen, is a game with nature itself, challenging it to come play.

It is within this creative context that the “Aero Lights” series began: lamps in metal mesh, used in thin, curved layers to both shield the lights’ heat and give objects shape. Variants in glossy silver, satin silver and copper are available.

According to Derksen, the goal of his series is to prove the beauty and versatility of materials within a designer’s creative process. Thanks to his innovative approach, he was selected for the Young Design Award and chosen for collaborations with various important brands, such as Fred Perry and Hugo Boss.

© David Derksen Design


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