David Hockney’s universe in Smarin’s “Schaise”

The “Schaise” lounge chair by French studio Smarin was inspired by the atmospheres painted by great British artist David Hockney. The innovative garden deck chair is made up of steel tubes and elastic straps which make it comfortable to sit in, but also improve circulation and muscle tone.

Part of a collection due to be presented on January 30th 2018, “Schaise” will be showcased until September 6th 2017 at the Paris Centre Pompidou Boutique, which is celebrating Hockney’s 80th birthday with a wonderful retrospective. The chair perfectly represents the pop, pastel-palette mood of his most acclaimed works – but is also an example of the “form follows function” principle, dear to the Bauhaus movement but also ideal for the swimming pools that made Hockney one of the most famous and appreciated artists of the past century.

© Smarin


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