Female stereotypes and modernity, in Ragna Bjarnadóttir’s fashion

Extra large volumes, embroidery, long skirts, tricot effects and amazing silhouettes: “Hysteria” is Ragna Bjarnadóttir’s new collection, and aims to transform widespread prejudices and symbolisms about women and their clothing.

The Icelandic fashion designer, currently a resident of Copenhagen, is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has decided to explore the concept of gender, in relationship with stereotypical views about women. Like a little girl playing with the clothes in her mother’s closet, Bjarnadóttir creates oversize pieces in total pink that bring back the purest and most childish aspects of femininity, but also include disruptive elements like the crown with “Hysteria” written on it and straps to represent the constrictions of social conventions. Pink “invades” maxi coats and sweaters with super-long sleeves – sewn shut at the hands to remind us of how often women are still considered “inferior” and must comply with behavioral rules set from others. These are issues the designer brings to our attention, with a will to unhinge prejudice and conventions. 

© Ragna Bjarnadóttir

Photographs © Hordur Ingason


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