Gary Schlingheider: power to the observer

Born in 1983, Gary Schlingheider lives and works in Berlin. His artistic research revolves around pure forms, reduction and simplification. In "30mm" he scrutinizes the relationship between color, form and space, symbolized by steel structures, linear and essential. The artist peels back any emotional attachment, function and material consistency from this relationship with objects. None of it matters anymore, as he entrusts the viewer with the task of analyzing the contours, recognizing silhouettes and giving them new meaning.

By giving the observer a chance to invent new relations with 'things', the artist gives enormous importance to the act of observing. With a degree in Fine Arts from the Berlin University of Art, Schlingheider presents works that are apparently simple to decode, but actually rich in meaning, which changes according to the observer.

© Gary Schlingheider


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