George Keburia: sartorial masculinity, feminine allure

Young Georgian fashion designer George Keburia has chosen 1980s aesthetics and feminine allure for his Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection: a romantic triumph of femininity that is modest, yet seductive in its mesh fabric transparencies.

Maxi balloon sleeves with large-scale cuffs, knee-length skirts with pleats and ribbons tied into bows: unapologetically vintage, but with no nostalgia. In fact, Keburia’s collection is strictly modern despite references to the past, because it mixes fashion elements with silhouettes that echo previous decades, thus achieving a fresh and eccentric look that women of any age can wear. High-necked, solid color pieces in edgy black, fiery red or pastel pink redefine shapes: Keburia knows how to create fashion that respects the canons of elegance in sartorial menswear, but still has a typically feminine allure. A perfect mix, channeled through high-end textiles that are at the core of a simple style and its powerful effect.

© George Keburia


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