I is an other: inside & outside symmetries by Leonie Barth

German designer Leonie Barth’s collection is inspired by Jacques Lacan’s “mirror stage” theory. The winner of the 2014 Samsung Galaxy Award – Its Contest, she decided to explore the relationship between space inside and outside our body: two worlds, kept apart only by the boundary of our skin. Thus she turns clothes into an indicator of our personality.

The collection has symmetrical elements and contours the wearer’s silhouette, enhancing angles and cut with a palette of white and grays. It turns the mirror into a modern self-portrait, complementing the individual’s identity, and tells the story of how our ego evolved, and how it finds completion only by reflecting itself “elsewhere”. Diving deep into human nature, Barth creates minimalist and versatile outfits for sophisticated, intellectual women.

© Leonie Barth


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