Isabel Quiroga: merging form and function

Isabel Quiroga’s research stems from recycled natural materials, which the Eindhoven Design Academy graduate uses to create smart objects with minimal aesthetics and huge functionality. Each creation is a unique, and often multi-use piece.

Quiroga’s creative process was inspired by her unwillingness to throw away scraps: a piece of valuable wood or other fine material can be reinterpreted under a new light, and transformed into something “else”. That’s what happened in her “Back-to-Basic Collection”, where a lamp has compartments to hold pens and notes. Or in her “Treetable” table system, which includes removable tops to add accessories, hold flowers in small vases, set your phone or your pens down. Her designs are smart and useful, but also beautiful to look at: in her work, form and function go hand in hand.

© Isabel Quiroga


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