Lavinia Biancalani, coherently reinventing myself

From Tuscany but more or less firmly based in Milan, the city where she lives with her musician husband (Andrea the keyboard player of Italian band Negramaro) and two cats, Lavinia Biancalani is an infusion of positive energy.

Fashion blogger, stylist, founder of The Style Pusher, a trendy blog and magazine, Lavinia is only 29 years old but is full of dreams and ambitions. Which, slowly but surely, are becoming reality.

Can you tell us about your recent projects?
I'm working on expanding my Blogazine. In time Thestylepusher has developed in a rather anomalous way: it was born as a magazine, then it transformed into a personal blog and now it's going back to its roots, but with a new concept, which I greatly believe in. In an age when online influence, for brands, is based on the numbers of an individual - sometimes not even very accurate, as they're often inflated and off target - I'm focusing on building a team. Many say users are no longer interested in reading websites because they're bombarded by content and constant stimuli, and it's true. But at the same time I've noticed that original and quality content has been making a comeback. Every single member of my team contributes to the research and production of content for the Magazine in a particular category, nobody is improvising.

Can you give us an example?
I love the world of food and I think it's very coherent with the world of fashion, if communicated in the right manner. So I decided to delegate to contributors I accurately chose and who reflect my taste, vision and the world of Tsp at 100%. Tsp talks about fashion, music, food and lifestyle, new technologies, beauty, movies in a coherent way, thanks to a team of very young women and men who produce quality content, with a a fresh approach and the desire to experiment.

Sounds like a big team.
It sure is! We have a photographer, a stylist, a web developer, a graphic artist, a sound designer, all packaged together in a microcosm called TheStylePusher. Content is shared in a capillary and coherent manner, each of us influences our niche so that the message is channeled through various mediums and social profiles, creating real, in-target reach. I strongly believe in micro-influence, it's more or less the concept of strength in numbers, but only provided that content is completely coherent with the world of Tsp. I've noticed great interest both from readers and brands.

What is your role in the team?
I've never been interested in centralizing functions: I enjoy working in a team, sharing ideas, leaving my collaborators free to experiment. I certainly remain at the center, but as a narrating voice. I paint a picture with my personal point of view, but they allow me to go deeper, I can tell my story at 360 degrees, without reducing my work to a photo on Instagram.

What ambition have you managed to realize?
To live doing what I love, without having to sacrifice loved ones and family.

If you could live a day in the life of another person, who would you choose and why?
A visionary scientist. In fact I can even give you a precise name: I'd like to be Leonardo da Vinci, to experiment "genius" in all things: science and creativity in its purest form.

What are your objectives as a blogger?
To be coherent with who I am, while reinventing myself every day.

What macro changes have you noticed in the field of fashion?
No doubt the digital revolution, a new business in constant evolution. It rewrote the rules completely, placing fashion much closer to the consumer, while before it was a closed and elite niche.

Was there a crucial turning point in your career?
Definitely. The summer of 2016, I was 18 and I flew to New York by myself and stayed there three months. That's when I started to understand that going outside of your comfort zone is fundamental to being successful in any project. My family has always supported me, thanks to them I was able to move to Milan to attend the Marangoni Institute and they have always pushed me to give it all I've got. 

Which of your projects are you most proud of?
BaccoNatale, even though it's not really an actual project. It's a private party I organize every year with my husband in our loft in Milan. It started out as a game, but after 5 consecutive years it's become symbolic of Christmas in Milan, it's the only party that brings together the world of fashion and music in an intimate and familiar setting. I like the idea of welcoming so many friends into our home, its gives me great personal satisfaction to think that every year this event is the catalyst to new collaborations, friendships and sometimes new loves.

Who or what inspires you?
The street and teens. I like to observe people in their everyday lives: real trends are born in the street. The same is true for teenagers, they're the first to experiment, they have so much to say though they don't realize it, and they often express all their inner turmoil of emotions and rebellion through their way of dressing.

Describe your style.
I like to change, follow my instinct and mood of the moment. I try to indulge them by wearing what makes me feel good: I like to start from a minimalist foundation and then add a piece that defines the look in a particular way. .

What's you main talent?
Having empathy with people.

What are the challenges of your job?
To obtain space and credibility, make your ideas count. It's a job that we're inventing as we go by, it's a new business, with all the difficulties that entails. You have to be decisive and determined, have clear objectives, otherwise you risk incoherence.

Lancia has always been active in scouting new creative talents. What's your idea of talent?
On one hand it's something you're born with, but you also need a good dose of dedication to understand what your own, very personal talent is, to cultivate it and make it emerge. I think it all boils down to perseverance and humility, as well as a sprinkle of initiative. Each of us has a special hidden talent. It's just a question of recognizing it and taking a leap...

Do you have a motto?
Be humble, always.

Interview by Marzia Nicolini
© The Style Pusher 


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