Learn sustainability at the Bamboo Sports Hall

The Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai, at the heart of Thailand, is one of a kind. Located between rice paddies and built according to eco-friendly principles, it teaches a lesson that goes far beyond the notions in books, allowing students to learn about sustainability, healthy eating and social responsibility.

The school’s Bamboo Sports Hall was entirely built with bamboo and has a capacity of 300. Designed by Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction to last fifty years, it merges modern organic design with innovative materials and 21st-century engineering. Bamboo allows for optimal thermal insulation during any season and at the same time has a striking visual look. The hall is 782 square meters and is used for sport events like basketball, volleyball and badminton matches; it also has a stage that automatically rises, with galleries on the sides for the audience.

© Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction


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