Leonardo Ulian’s electronic mandalas

Microchips, transistors, cables. All of Leonardo Ulian’s works are visual compositions with an electronic soul. While still a student, Ulian was charmed by inanimate objects that yet were capable of turning a machine on and off. He decided to explore the world of colorful circuits and switches. “I like to make things and dismantle others” – he says. He also declares an interest in showing what is invisible to the eye: he transforms the electromagnetic waves around us into sounds and colors, using electronic concoctions.

His work is ultimately inspired by mandalas, resulting in a geometric harmony that, actually, has nothing to do with the rationality of things. Assembly requires so much time it becomes a meditative phase, just like in traditional mandalas. This is when the artist admits the spiritual nature of his works, which goes beyond the mechanical and intricate appearance of his devices and gives them a breath of true life.

© Leonardo Ulian 


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