Linus Lohoff, tightrope walker of color, poet of geometry

His style is bare and essential, but powerful and communicative. The images of Linus Lohoff rely on silhouette and geometry to capture the eye of the viewer, who remains as if bewitched by the tightrope-walker-abilities with which the photographer plays with tone and saturation.

Raised in Germany, Lohoff completes his studies in Spain, where he currently works as the Creative Director of communication agency Vasava.

His series "Flowers" displays playful and at the same time poetic imagery. Flowers saturated in pop and pastel shades stand out against backdrops imbued in color. Roses, gerbera and buds which our eyes have observed a thousand times transform into something new, that wins us over with the optimism and light of its nuances.

© Linus Lohoff


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