Love against brutalism: Marietta Varga

Marietta Varga, born in 1992, studied photography at the prestigious Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and is currently based in London. She creates rarefied and poetic atmospheres that are dense with meaning, and composes images with perfect mastery over palettes and balance amongst lines. Her shots, as a result, are dreamy, symbolic, powerful.

Her “Raw Hill” series is set against the backdrop of London’s brutalist buildings, such as the National Theatre of Great Britain, the Barbican Estate and the Alexandra Road Estate. Gunmetal gray, cement skeletons and imposing pillars are the set where two young lovers dance, telling the story of their love at every step. Their pastel- color clothes suggest delicate feelings, contrasting the architecture’s rawness. Thus Marietta Varga is able to attach some poetry and dignity to a style that is often considered harsh – “brutal” – on the eyes, but which she makes part of a love story, a visual homage to the emotions that ennoble man and his endeavors.

© Marietta Varga


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