Luis Alberto Rodriguez: dynamism and depersonalization

Luis Alberto Rodriguez is of Dominican origin but was raised in New York City, and has since lived in eight different countries – making him a real cosmopolite. He started out as a dancer in a company that performed all over Europe, but discovered a passion for photography and soon was capturing the melting pot of races and cultures around him.

Portrait photography is his forte. Even his early photos – of acquaintances and people he’d casually met – quickly revealed a strong preference for dynamism in the image, rather than in the subject. Indeed, faces are hardly ever in full view: they are hidden or camouflaged by other elements. People’s emotions step back into the background, as the tension of their body and the clash between shapes and texture emerge. Although we cannot see the person’s face, the photographs are very expressive. Indeed, Rodriguez’s images are a powerful invitation to reflect: perhaps these melancholy and timeless portraits are a universal representation of us all.

© Luis Alberto Rodriguez


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