Margot Zanni, not enough hours in a day

A brunette bob, lively eyes and an infectious smile. That's Margot Zanni, a young professional woman who dreams of having a thousand hours to her day so she can bring all her ideas to fruition.

Co-founder and Creative Directore of, a platform for the e-commerce of furnishings and interior decoration, Margot has a background as a journalist. Then, a few years ago, she decided to throw herself into a bold new project together with Diego Palano, Mattia Riva and Karim El Saket. Her desire to challenge herself and her refined taste took her the distance.

Today Dalani has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and Margot has no intention of stopping for a second; each day she tirelessly selects new trends in furniture, design, style, between a meeting and a coffee. Without ever forgetting to smile.

What are you working on Margot?
Lately I've been dedicating myself to home makeovers, an activity that allows me to fully express my creativity. I love interpreting the style of the people I choose to collaborate with and translating it to the interior decoration of their homes. And then there's some news – but for now it's top secret – for the Spring.

You've already fulfilled many ambitions, but what do you still have to achieve?
My dream is to be able to find and maintain the right balance between the people I love and my job - which I also greatly care about - in terms of time, attention and energy.

If you could live a day in the life of another person, who would it be and why?
If I had to choose to be someone else, I would choose artist and interior designer Iris Apfel. I'm sure that just a day as Iris would provide me with enough ideas for the rest of my life.

What are the main goals you want to reach professionally?
As co-founder and Creative Director of my aim is to contribute in making the homes of Italians more beautiful. And, true to character, I'd like to always be able to do it with a smile.

You've been working in design and interiors for a while now. Have you noticed any relevant changes?
The changes we've witnessed can be chalked up to the general influence of the globalization of ideas. A truly stimulating phenomenon that allows you to follow the latest trends in Shanghai, Sydney or New York in the time it takes to drink a coffee.

Looking back, was there a turning point in your career?
Yes, it happened five years ago, when I decided to embark on this adventure with, an e-commerce that didn't exist yet and that nobody had ever heard of.

What are the projects you are most proud of?
I'm happy to have introduced a number of charity projects into, such as the fundraisers we organize on the website or the restyling project of a break room inside the Gynecology ward of the National Institution of Tumors of the IRCCS Foundation in Milan. I think in this day and age helping others is an obligation.


What do you think about trends applied to design?
In general there's nothing wrong with wanting to be trendy. What matters is staying true to yourself and being able to apply a healthy dose of self-criticism.

Are there any exhibitions, events or spaces you enjoyed this year?
I really enjoyed Fondazione Prada in Milan. I think it's a great place under every aspect.

Who or what inspires you each day?
I am an attentive observer and very curious. So my primary sources of inspiration are definitely people.


What's a typical day like for Margot?
My day begins at eight, when I visit to personally check the site. In the meantime I get ready, and reach the office by bicycle. At nine I have the first meeting. After that, I spend at least an hour reading the latest news. The morning continues with an alternation of meetings and solitary sessions until lunchtime. In the afternoon I spare at least one or two hours for researching and studying new trends, materials, colors and products. Some days I'm out for meetings or events I'm interested in, but I try to always get home for dinner with my fiancé and my dog Liam. And finally one evening per week is always dedicated to sports.

How would you define your style?
I am very dynamic and detail-oriented. So I'd define my style fresh, but enriched with precious details.

What do you consider your greatest talent?
My perfect timing: having the right idea at the right time.

What are the main challenges of your line of work?
Time management is the primary challenge. I often wish I had a thousand hours to my day.

Can you tell us some of your favorite places in the world?
The city I love the most is Rio de Janeiro, because it's where I was born. And that's also where my favorite hotel, Fasano, and restaurant, Aprazìvel in Santa Teresa, are.

Describe your home in Milan.
It's a complete mix of elements, very warm and welcoming. I love all the design pieces in it, they'll always stay with me, such as chairs or statement lamps, but also the general atmosphere. I think even my guests get the feeling they're at home.

Your motto?
Never give up.

Interview by Marzia Nicolini



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