Maria Svarbova: in search of perfection

Maria Svarbova was born in 1988 in Slovakia, where she currently resides. She studied archaeology but soon developed a passion for photography, and over just a few years proved her talent and has been published by important publications such as “Vogue”, “Forbes” and “The Guardian”. In her work, clean and essential concepts meet vivid colors to produce an unmistakable signature style.

Her “Swimming Pool” series analyzes the relationship between static women’s figures and the environment around them: swimming pools immersed in rarefied atmospheres that echo fairy tales, perfectly composed and aloof. There are no joy and no playfulness in Svarbova’s images, although the context makes a powerful call for them – leaving the viewer to deal with contrasting feelings. She recreates retro moods that would fit the silver screen, or a dream, yet convey a deep melancholy. The gift of her photographs is the pleasure of observing specimens of ideal composition, telling the story of futuristic and oneiric human beings.

© Maria Svarbova


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