Martina Maffini: the poetry of lost marble

In “Lost Marbles”, photographer Martina Maffini celebrates the beauty of ancient marble. The project began after a sculptor and collector introduced her to the centuries-old colors, gradients and textures that often sound like vintage wines: Broccatello, Rosso Antico, Serpentino, Fior di Pesco, Pavonazzetto.

In Maffini’s photographs, rocks change mood according to mottling and color nuances. Each piece in her series is shot against a neutral backdrop, creating a minimalist image that highlights the personality of each fragment. The project aims to showcase the rarity of marbles, and the transience of their use: some types are simply not extracted any longer, such as Giallo antico and Cipollino, which disappeared after the fall of the Roman Empire. “Lost Marbles” is an opportunity to reflect on the beauty and poetry of the forgotten materials of yesterday, which continue to charm us today.  

© Martina Maffini


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