Mimi Ceramics: chasing dreams in the name of art

Behind the Mimi Ceramics brand is Mica DeMarquez, a young designer from Portland, Oregon, USA. Her story is pretty typical: before starting her brand, she had a traditional job and kept her passion for ceramics for her free time, often at night. But her first pieces were so successful that she decided to focus completely on her new project.

DeMarquez creates practical items, fired in a kiln and varnished by hand. Each piece is different, made unique by small details. Her entire production is made to order, and sold in select stores in the United States, Australia, France, Norway, Canada and Japan. She uses an original method, leaving some parts of the material raw and leveraging color to add character. All her pieces radiate poetry: simple, but original shapes for breakfast mugs, chandeliers and vases with playful hints and great care for details.

© Mimi Ceramics


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