MoMi-Ko, a trip through Japanese-inspired fashion

She's called Monika Misiak-Kołsut and the initials of her name gave rise to brand MoMi-ko. Having graduated in 2012 from Międzynarodowej Szkoły Kostiumografii i Projektowania Ubioru, the International School of Costume, Fashion and Design of Warsaw, the fashion designer can boast numerous participations in exhibitions, contests and runway shows, including at FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódź.

The MoMi-ko style draws inspiration from the designer's passion for traveling. The latest collection is influenced by Japan and its artistic and cultural traditions tied to clean lines and attention towards details. Leading to skirts that resemble samurai costumes, or graphic ruches that swirl over silhouettes borrowed from origami.

The designer created two parallel collection: "White Label" day-to-day ready-to-wear and a second line that she defines "avant-garde", for clients who appreciate originality and have a taste for experimentation.

© MoMi-Ko


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