Nabil Nayal’s Elizabethan style, between past and present

A rising star in the latest generation of fashion designers, Nabil Nayal – born in Syria and raised in London – is best known for the Elizabethan silhouettes he molds into his hyper-modern outfits, achieving an estranged look that seem to project aloof and lyrical heroines of the past directly into a near future.

Having already collected a range of awards and accolades – including the Royal Society of Arts Award, a Graduate Fashion Week “Best Womenswear” Award, and the British Fashion Council MA Scholarship Award – Nayal is known to innovate. He was the first fashion designer to use a 3D printer for his 2010 collections and continues to research ways to integrate this technology into his designs. He was invited to Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth and has stars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Claudia Schiffer amongst his most loving fans. For the 2017/2018 fall/winter collection, Nayal has drawn inspiration from Czech engraver Hollar, borrowing his images to make up powerful and mysterious collages. Profiles still echo the Elizabethan age, and remain intriguing and extreme, perfect for proud, brave and yet ethereal women.

© Nabil Nayal


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