North-European industrial style for Nik’s & Co.

A little New York and a little bistro, Nik’s&Co. is named to sound like “nixed”, “forbidden”; the final “&co.” is meant to recall the idea of the group of friends who opened this Milan venue – after wondering where they could go grab a bite and have a drink near Spazio Copernico, the co-working space they worked out of at the time.

The concept is a blend of food and cocktails: the latter sometimes prepared at the table, for an all-round experience, according to signature recipes that are original and exclusive to the bar and often include spices like Sichuan pepper or homemade ingredients, like flavored sodas. The menu is in the hands of chef Giovanni Spina, who curates dishes from the typical Italian cuisine with a twist on traditional techniques. The decor is minimalist and industrial, with references to Scandinavian design. The many renovated vintage objects, together with exposed piping and varnished floors, create a welcoming and informal space. Plants hanging from the shelves represent life growing from the city’s concrete, while dimmable lights set the mood for different times of day – and create an intimate setting for convivial evenings.

© Nik's & Co.


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