Parallel worlds by Nidia Dias

Nidia Dias is an art director and designer with a background in graphic design, which allowed her to form a signature style in observing reality as well as a well-rounded creativity. Her works mix photography, surreal images and digital art. Born in Portugal, she worked for important agencies in London, then moved to Porto where she currently lives.

In her six “Egg Series” posters, Dias suggests different representations of one of the most common ingredients in our kitchens, making eggs iconic. In “Balance”, for example, a hand holds an egg highlighting its frail and delicate nature; in “Black Sheep”, the artist compares eggs to a kitchen timer, placing it in an egg carton and turning it into the “impostor” in the family.
Dias always works on the sense of alienation and wonder she is able to provoke in observers, triggering their critical sense. Thus she achieves her ultimate goal: to tell a story and bring it to life for a moment, in the person looking at her work.

© Nidia Dias


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