Patty Carroll: the art of camouflage

For over twenty years Patty Carroll has been working on her most renowned photographic project: "Anonymous Women", sumptuous and detailed photo sets with draping and furnishings, in which female figures are camouflaged, rigorously with their faces covered. The goal of the study is to understand the dynamics in the relationship between women and their homes, where they're prisoners of their objects, or maybe, of themselves.  

This prompted a second series of images, in which birds are the protagonists, blending yet standing out from hyper-realistic backgrounds of flowers and leaves. In their natural habitat the animals are alive, they eat, teach their brood how to defend themselves from predators. Their disguise is therefore a defense mechanism. By taking the place of the female figures in "Anonymous Women" the birds symbolize the obsession with transforming one's home into a cage of torment.

© Patty Carroll


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