Pauline Wolstencroft and the art of being kids again

Pauline Wolstencroft claims working at the lathe taught her to “know how to wait” and not rush things, overcoming her perfectionist and impatient nature. She creates ceramic tableware and decor: plates, bowls, decorative tiles to hang – all according to her linear style, with white background and color blocking.

As an artist, her favorite subjects are mountains, flowers, oceans and the sun. She loves the concept of minimalism, but always with the addition of surprising details. Her colorful works never go unnoticed and convey a sense of playfulness and positivity. Wolstencroft is inspired by the landscapes of her adopted home, California, and paintings by Emil Nolde and Lebanese-American artist Etel Adnan. Her Ukraine origins spurred her to research Russian folk art, finding a favorite reference in Maria Prymachenko. Wolstencroft’s hand-painted pieces echo the basic shapes in children’s drawings and take us back to distant memories, in touch with our most spontaneous and childlike self.

© Pauline Wolstencroft


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