Print mania for Katie Ann McGuigan

This Spring/Summer will be a season of prints for fashion designer Katie Ann McGuigan, born in Ireland and now based in London, after gaining experience at McQ in the British capital and Marc Jacobs in New York.

Thanks to her previous experiences in the two famous fashion houses, McGuigan was able to develop her own personal sense of color, which she continues to experiment with mixing hues into patterns that swing between vintage and hyper-contemporary styles.
McGuigan’s palette revolves around orange, lemon yellow, military green, burgundy and blue. With masterly use of ruffles and laser cutting, she gives new shape to silhouettes, making them “macro” but never unbalanced. Her inspiration comes from street reportages and photographers that focus on young and underground trends. For next summer, she has studied works by Perry Ogden published in “Pony Kids” and by Alen Macweeney in “Irish Travellers”, drawing inspiration to tell her own version of contemporary and versatile fashion.

© Katie Ann McGuigan


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