Psychedelic and visionary landscapes by GMUNK

“Inframunk VS Tracy Arm Fjord” is a series of images by director and visual artist Bradley G. Munkovitz, better known as GMUNK. During a trip across Alaska, he explored and photographed the Tracy Arm Fjord, armed with his Fujifilm X-T1 IR, a few Nikon lenses and LifePixel Super-Color infrared filters.

The resulting spectacular images portray a unique location through the interpretation of surreal colors, more like a fantastical and dreamy destination than a real existing place. The cold and inhospitable landscape is set on fire by psychedelic and visionary hues that are vaguely inspired by the work of photographer Richard Mosse. With this series, GMUNK has fully established himself as one of the most creative talents in his generation, already chosen by Audi, Adidas and Samsung to direct their advertising campaign videos, as well as by artists like Beck and Tycho to create psychedelic concert visuals for their performances.

© Bradley Munkowitz


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