Reiecta: nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed

Reiecta is a designer collective that embraces recycling and creative reuse of discarded materials, giving new meaning to pieces that had reached the end of their lifecycle. Their project subverts the order of industrial manufacturing and explores the boundaries between nature and design.

Everything started when they discovered a center, near a factory in Italy, where piles of old slabs of marble waited to be disposed of. All that time out in the elements had damaged the stones’ surface, deeply transforming their look. The collective decided to recover the marble and give it new life, transforming it into a modern furniture collection that exudes the charm of years gone by and of the changes time inevitably brings. Indeed, the inert material had become a breeding ground for mold, humidity spots and cracks: not damages, but signs of time’s unstoppable passing and transformative power.

© Reiecta


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