Rob Hann’s American dream

Rob Hann started his career in modeling, with travel a constant in his life. Born in Salisbury, England he moved around the globe from New York to Milan, from Paris to Texas. After ten years with cameras on him, he moved to the other side of the lens and became a professional photographer, firmly based in New York.

But large cities were never a good fit for him, and so he seeks a sense of freedom and space in his work, capturing his desire for escape in his most famous series of images, dedicated to the iconic American highways. Hann drives for hundreds of miles to find the right spark, a detail that can inspire him because it seems “out of place” in a context where everything is actually random and steeped into “absence”. Between signs, small churches and abandoned little houses in the boundless views and deserts, his camera stops at clues of beauty and surprise, where silence and mystery yield to reflection on the impermanence of things.

© Rob Hann


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