Romain Thiery: reminders of past grandeur

Romain Thiery’s work is impossible to ignore. The French photographer, originally from Périgord and now living in Montpellier, travels the world to portray abandoned places with a glorious past, deserted and immersed in the melancholy of neglect.

Thiery discovered urban photography in 2009, when he started shooting locations in his region and later began traveling across Europe, gradually focusing on empty, forgotten buildings. He returned them to dignity by capturing and immortalizing them forever in a wonderful image. His photographs tell the story of theaters once full of passionate audiences, ballrooms in palaces now far from their aristocratic glamour – and leave us speechless, wondering how much life must have echoed in those rooms, and in how many ways absence is now contributing to their decay. His works are reminders of places that still hold perfect – albeit abandoned – aesthetic.

© Romain Thiery


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