Stoff Studios: fabrics become decor

Behind Stoff Studios, you’ll find Carys Briggs and Andrew Mason. The former is a textile designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, while the latter works in interior decor and studied at Camberwell College. Together, they bring to life fabrics that look like works of art, real statement pieces.

Since meeting in 2015, Briggs and Mason have focused on traditional fabric production and stamping techniques. Their creative research starts from the tactile experiences offered by a certain material, and from the opportunities it offers them to create something different. Thus, a pattern might emerge from a particular cotton lightening process, or a texture can be inspired by how a certain yarn can be processed. Stoff Studios is known for its almost architectural silhouettes and wide color palettes, ranging from pastel hues to black.

© Stoff Studios


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