Studio Finna: inspired by nature and Finnish heritage

Studio Finna is made up of designers Anni Pitkäjärvi, Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä, and more recent addition Sarianna Niskala, a business and marketing expert. Based in Helsinki, the trio works on interior and product design projects by mixing Finnish heritage with a contemporary touch.

The firm’s works have been showcased in Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Mexico and of course Finland. Its “Unique Saimaa” series is inspired by the natural world, and in particular by Lake Saimaa, with its small peninsulas and beaches. Towel hooks evoke fishing floats and small shelves, the sauna thermometer and mirrors feature sinuous and linear, almost playful shapes. It all makes for a minimalistic and reassuring style, as welcoming as Mother Nature herself.

© Studio Finna


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