The disappearing presence of Doug Aitken’s “Mirage”

A unique house, a surprising work of land art that fits in with nature and merges into it perfectly: “Mirage” is an installation by Doug Aitken, the artist behind world-famous, powerful multimedia creations that explore people’s memories in relation to the evolution of the urban environment.

“Mirage” is a real house that has been entirely covered in mirrors, in southern California’s desert. The structure was built in the middle of the Coachella valley for the “Desert X” festival, and meant to be a reverse kaleidoscope: it reflects its surroundings and camouflages perfectly, a clear presence that nearly disappears. It looks like a mirage and is hard to find and identify at first, because it is so well integrated with the environment. Its goal is to vanquish inner and outer boundaries, analyzing the concept of traditional suburban homes and unhinging it from common stereotypes.

© Doug Aitken 


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